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Our courses are specifically made to help you and your dog finding the right synergy.

Our goal is getting the right balance and serenity between dogs and owners.

You  & Your dog

We are here to help you with some problems you can have with your dog:

Not coming when called 
Chasing people or other animals despite your command to sit or stay.
Not following your directions on command.
Having total disregard for anything you ask your dog to do.
Refusing to come close enough that you can catch him.
Not coming to you at the end of a walk.
Only coming when called if there are no distractions.
Running away whenever a door is left open.


Us & Philosophy

The "training" methods that have always been used in the past, today have proved not only to be outdated...

but also stressful for the dog and often self-defeating.

We think that methods that use violence, reproach, dominance are not right to use and we are are studying continuously the best behaviour to have with our dogs. 

We found a new method to educate the dog with respect and calm. 

And that's what you have to do if you want to have a dog that is polite in every situation...who follows you because he is really happy to be with you and not because he is afraid. 

And that he does not always make his head - driving mad - during the walk.

Learn how to train you dog properly
from your home...

We are ready and wanting to help you and your dog finding the right balance.


Reach us out for any questions or queries you have in mind. 

We are here to help you and your dog!

London, UK

5 Cow Leaze
E66 WX

[email protected]

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